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Monday, 10 May 2010 14:53

Swelling of the Feet During Pregnancy

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This is mostly for the benefit of pregnant women, but can be informative for anyone whose feet are swelling.

The reason pregnant women suffer from feet swelling is because the body, during pregnancy, has more blood and other fluids circulating throughout, as much as 6-8 quarts to be exact. Due to gravity these liquids accumulate in the feet and the lower part of the legs.


Avoid dehydration, which can be caused by coffee, soda, alcohol, salty foods, and obviously a general lack of water.


Everyone knows this, but we have to include it. Elevate your feet as much as possible!


Barley water is said to be a miracle cure for the swelling of the feet. Boil water, barley, and red beans. Let cool and consume as tea, do NOT put sugar in this drink. Sugar dehydrates.

Dandelion Root

DO NOT consume if pregnant, this is for those who are not. Dandelion root is hard on the liver when pregnant so stay clear.

For those who are not pregnant, try to consume this root food as much as possible, it helps tremendously.

Soaking Feet

Soak your feet in hot water and then transfer them to cool water for twice the amount of time spent in the hot water. Do this 2-3 times a day.



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