Sarah Nix

Sarah Nix

Sarah grew up in the mountains of North Georgia and recently relocated to Asheville, North Carolina to pursue the adventures life has to offer.

Sarah met Alex in late 2005. Shortly after meeting they became friends and since have grown together in more than age. They have worked together in different arenas all culminating in The Green Life Pages.


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Genetically-Modified-FoodWe live in a world that is overrun with genetically modifed foods, mislabeled ingredients, and a population that is unaware of the corruption behind their food and personal products. One of the biggest goals of the Green Life Pages is to educate and to help people move towards more educated buying habits and a more sustainable home. We are constantly trying to make you aware and to help you learn how to replace your products with local or homemade products. We can never forget that our biggest voice is the cash in our wallets, nothing more.

Kids-Vs-Global-Warming-March-e1336760957523According to a group of American youths, the US government is failing to uphold the preamble to the constitution —specifically, the government has failed "promote the general Welfare" of the people by "failing to protect the atmosphere." And, despite being too young to vote, the group—a non-profit called Kids vs. Global Warming— is trying to sue the US government in a case which is to go before the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C.


the-art-of-green-beerIt was only a matter of time before suds producers embraced eco-friendly beer making.

And it's no surprise that the largest breweries, which have the longest history and the greatest resources, have developed ambitious environmental goals. But arguably some of the newer breweries, including Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., lead the pack by showing an earlier commitment to being eco-friendly and a spirit of innovation in achieving their goals.