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Olive Oil As A Home Remedy

Written by  Alex Sherman
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Olive oil is one of the most beneficial products on the market, which should not be a huge surprise since it is one of the main staples in Italy and a great compliment to so many recipes. However, there are some things you may not know about olive oil. Not only is it a wonderful addition to our diet it is also has amazing benefits for our health!

Before we go in to the many benefits we should tell you about the many types out there. In general, the less processed an oil the more nutrients it contains, although the more expensive it tends to be. "Extra virgin" olive oil usually comes from the first pressing while "virgin" olive oil comes from the second. "Cold Pressed" is also great because in the process of deriving the oil the manufacturer never heats the product up beyond room temperature thus retaining a lot of the nutrients. The cheaper brands, "regular" or "pure", are typically made with chemical refining and filtering which will neutralize the flavors and acid contents.

We also recommend buying organic olive oil to help preserve the delicate eco-systems that the olives are derived from, plus you will most likely get a more flavorful and nutrient dense oil.

The uses we are listing below do not all call for direct consumption of the oil, so we do not recommend buying the most expensive oils out there. Go with your gut and get what you think is right for you based on the information above!

Cure an Earache

A lot of people swear that olive oil will cure an earache. We are not so sure, but we do know it will make it feel A LOT better. Carefully use a cotton swab to apply the oil to the outside of the ear cavity.

Help Soothe a Burn

Many people love aloe vera juice and so do we, but if that is not available olive oil works just as well! Cool the burn off with cold water (some debate this) and apply the oil every hour or so, in a couple of days the burn will be gone or at least a lot better!

Lice Killer

We bet no one knew this and if you did you are a genius!

So apparently lice cannot live without oxygen for more than 30 minutes. If you or someone you know have the pests running around their scalp follow the directions below and they will be gone within 2 hours.

1. Apply olive oil to the scalp liberally
2. Put a shower cap on and heat the cap up with a blow dryer for about 15 minutes (please be careful)
3. Leave the cap on for about an hour to be sure they are all dead
4. Take the cap off and ring out the oil
5. Take a lice comb and go through the hair to remove the dead lice
6. Continue checking for lice and nits over the next day or so and be sure to use the lice comb as much as possible.

This is a wonderful way to avoid the harsh chemicals that most people use but still have the end result!

Make Your own Exfoliate

Simply combine some sea salt and some olive oil and use as an exfoliate. Your skin will show a healthy glow and you are bound save money by making your own!

Make-up Remover

Just use some olive oil on a cotton swab and remove the make up. It works great will all kinds and your skin will be moisturized in the process!

Fix Squeaky Doors

You can use olive oil instead of chemical or petroleum based lubricants. It is safe and non-toxic so do not worry about the kids or the pets. Simply apply the oil to the hinges and around them and voila!

Polish Leather, Wood, and Even Metal

Use two parts olive oil and one part lemon juice to polish wooden furniture. You can also use plain olive oil on conditioned leather to revitalize it and give it a nice shine, but be sure to wipe away the excess oil after about 30 minutes.

Care for your Cat

Add a teaspoon of olive oil to help prevent hairballs as well as promote a healthy and shiny coat. In addition, most anti-hairball lubricants are petroleum based and horrible for your cats digestive system and olive oil is a renewable resource rather than using petroleum which definitely is not.

Have Healthier Skin and Even Fight Cancer!

Olive oil has been used for centuries for skin care and in cooking. One of the most surprising things about olive oil is its ability to neutralize damaging free radicals because it contains four different antioxidants. So after being out in the sun or just after your daily routine, be sure to use olive oil as a lotion at least once or twice a week!

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Alex Sherman

Alex Sherman

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