GreenlivingYou’ve probably noticed that green is everywhere these days--in the news, politics, fashion, and even technology.  That's all great as far as we are concerned, but with a million messages coming at us from all sides, it is easy to get caught up in the hype without really understanding how our actions affect our health, plants, animals, and our ecosystems.

A trip to the gas station is about the most boring task in the modern world. But making fuel is a strange and fantastic journey—for scientists and inventors trying to find sustainable alternatives to gas and diesel. We need not limit ourselves to drilling and fracking. Check out these six weird fuel sources, which—even if not commercially scalable—can inspire us to get creative about satisfying the world's energy needs.
It's easy to think about all the big changes you're going to make in the New Year as the old year comes to an end — but by the second week of January, most of us are already finding reasons to skip the gym or break the spending freeze. That's why we've come up with ten green New Year's resolutions so easy you'll have no excuse not to keep them — and as they help you save money, cut your carbon footprint, decrease your home's waste stream, and improve the quality of the Earth, you'll be glad you did.
"We are using up the resources of 1.5 planets. That is a long way from sustainability. Every product made takes something from the planet that we can't give back. So think twice before you buy anything. Think about what went into making that product. Buy better quality, but buy less. Your shopping habits are where you control your impact on natural resources." ~ Yvon Chouinard, founder and CEO of Patagonia
I was rummaging around my e-mail when I came across this simple and yet effective design. It was ironic because at the moment my partner and I are transitioning to drying our clothes on a line. I bought a $23 clothes line for our tiny patio, but if we lived where we had a yard to ourselves I would totally build this!  This will help you save money, preserve our planet, and will protect your clothes from harmful heat!
I do my part to recycle and bring my own bags for purchases, but I am far from producing zero waste. While lugging multiple recycling bins to the curbside every week it has occurred me that I have a lot of recycling for only one person. I never totally connected the dots that the goal should be to have a system where all of the wrappers, junk mail, jars and cans don't enter my home to begin with!
Many of us will be buying or sending flowers for Valentine's Day and Easter and Mother's Day. You may not know that it is now possible to send organically-grown flowers. There are very real and important reasons why this is the best choice. Find out why organic flowers are best—and where to buy them. According to Organic Bouquet, growing flowers organically...
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