The World's Healthiest Foods

Written by  Lisa Highfill
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We are always on a quest of some sort and many of us go on binges where we try so hard to be healthy. We fast, exercise, drink more water, cut calories, and so on; but what if we just knew about the foods that are best for us and tried to incorporate them into our daily diet. Not just for a couple of weeks, we are talking about forever. These foods are not going to surprise you and if they do it will be because you know what they are and probably eat them every now and then.

Our hope is that you will learn that the foods you know and love are among the healthiest on Earth for you to consume. This realization could, quite possibly, create a subconscious movement for you where you eliminate the bad foods and incorporate the ones you now know are amazing for you!

We believe that a subconscious movement is more productive and long lasting that the ones we make our priority. Think about it. If you are constantly thinking about a diet or quitting smoking you will soon cave in because it is all you think about!

Perhaps we are wrong, nevertheless here are the foods that could quite possibly change your life.


* Asparagus
* Avocados
* Beets
* Bell Peppers
* Broccoli
* Brussels Sprouts
* Cabbage
* Carrots
* Cauliflower
* Celery
* Collard Greens
* Cucumbers
* Eggplant
* Fennel
* Garlic
* Green Beans
* Green Peas
* Kale
* Leeks
* Mushrooms, Crimini
* Mushrooms, Shiitake
* Mustard Greens
* Olives
* Onions
* Potatoes
* Romaine Lettuce
* Sea Vegetables
* Spinach (SO AMAZING)
* Squash, Summer
* Squash, Winter
* Sweet Potatoes
* Swiss Chard
* Tomatoes
* Turnip Greens
* Yams


* Cod
* Halibut
* Salmon
* Sardines
* Scallops
* Shrimp
* Tuna


* Apples
* Apricots
* Bananas
* Blueberries
* Cantaloupe
* Cranberries
* Figs
* Grapefruit
* Grapes
* Kiwifruit
* Lemon/Limes
* Oranges
* Papaya
* Pears
* Pineapple
* Plums
* Prunes
* Raisins
* Raspberries
* Strawberries
* Watermelon


* Cheese
* Eggs
* Milk
* Goats Milk
* Yogurt (We prefer Greek Yogurt)

Poultry and Lean Meats

* Beef, Remember to Always Get Lean and Organic
* Calf's Liver
* Chicken
* Lamb
* Turkey
* Venison

Nuts and Seeds

* Almonds
* Cashews
* Flaxseeds
* Olive Oil, Extra Virgin
* Peanuts
* Pumpkin Seeds
* Sesame Seeds
* Sunflower Seeds
* Walnuts


* Barley
* Brown Rice
* Buckwheat
* Corn
* Millet
* Oats
* Quinoa
* Rye
* Spelt
* Whole Wheat

Spices and Herbs

* Basil
* Black Pepper
* Cayenne Pepper (Great for cleansing)
* Chili Pepper, Dried
* Cilantro/Coriander Seeds
* Cinnamon, Ground (Great for Cleansing)
* Cloves
* Cumin Seeds
* Dill
* Ginger
* Mustard Seeds
* Oregano
* Parsley
* Peppermint
* Rosemary
* Sage
* Thyme
* Turmeric

Natural Sweeteners

* Blackstrap Molasses
* Cane Juice (Organic, some companies put horrible additives in theirs so be sure you choose organic)
* Maple Syrup


*Green Tea (use the Leaves as Plant Food)
*Soy Sauce
* Water (Purified, NOT city water)

All of these foods work great together and by themselves and were chosen because they have the richest sources of many essential nutrients our body's need for optimum health. We believe that organic is the way to go but with some foods you can get away with getting none organic, just do your research and think before you support a company that is literally slowly killing people!

Enjoy your next meal, change your life, and improve your health!

Lisa Highfill

Lisa Highfill

Lisa was born in South Carolina and moved to Georgia at a young age. She graduated from Georgia State University in 2010 with a major in Psychology and a focus in Environmental Psychology.

In school Lisa volunteered with Environment Georgia and the Atlanta Beltline.

Lisa believes that a continued education is pertinent to living sustainability and having a hand in making a change for the better.

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  • Comment Link veggietail Monday, 31 January 2011 20:36 posted by veggietail

    Love this article. The veggie list is my favorite.

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