GreenlivingcultureCulture is that invisible bond, which ties the people of a community together. It refers to the pattern of human activity. The art, literature, language and religion of a community represent the community’s culture. Culture manifests itself through the lifestyle of the individuals of a community.

It is a common misconception for many people that bottled water is safer than tap, plastic bottles get recycled, and no harm is being done to the environment in the bottling process. Unfortunately, that could not be further from the truth! So in case you either needed more reasons to stop drinking bottled water, or a few extra talking points when discussing with your friends, I have assembled 12 solid reasons to kick the bottled water habit.
The devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that rocked Japan on March 11th has wiped entire towns off the map, claimed over 10,000 lives and caused ongoing dangers to at least three nuclear power plants. Analysts say that recovery costs could reach $180 billion, and so far, donations to Japan have been a lot lower than those to other countries faced with recent natural disasters. The Japanese people need our help.
A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine moved in to our home. Our home, unlike many others I know of, is hectic and crazy. We have a growing vegetable garden in the backyard complete with five chickens, three dogs, some fish, a ton of plants to take care of, and four people. So you can imagine the crazy couple of weeks we have had having a new person and a cat join our clan.
As the Obama Administration pushes for high-speed rail networks across the country, Germany's Siemens has secured a place for its Valero ICE trains in the Sunshine State.  
I've always loved the look of orientral rugs, and and came across these while looking around for an eco-friendly and easy to clean rug. Some rugs made from recycled materials can look dingy or a little too "arts-and-crafts". These oriental rugs however can fit a more formal space either inside or outdoors.
Although I don't like putting my cats through painful procedures, such as neutering or spaying, I do know there are many benefits that come from it. I feel bad for my poor cat when he finally realizes he isn't the same guy he used to be. Neutering seems to take away the spunk and sometimes courage that most un-neutered male cats have. However, I can think of 7 reasons to neuter your cat. Some of these are beneficial for both you and your furry friend.
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