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Congestion can come in many forms, for chest congestion we have written another article, this article will primarily cover head congestion. Head congestion is basically a blockage of the nasal passages and can lead to chest congestion. Not a serious risk, but a horrible discomfort.

Symptoms include, tightness of the head, nasal passages, wheezing, labored breathing, a cough, and difficulty breathing. Some people also get horrible headaches as an additional side effect.

When our body is under an infectious attack the narrow airways and nasal canals are overcome with phlegm and mucous. People who inhale a high level of pollutants, smokers for one, often suffer from congestion because the delicate blood vessels in the linings of these passages get inflamed. This inflammation triggers the lungs to secrete more mucous and over time blockages will occur in the nasal passages. This is where congestion comes to life.

One should understand that there are many levels of congestion but once you feel it you must know that it will only worsen. Gear up for a bumpy ride and consume as much vitamin C as possible to offset the bodies defense mechanisms.


Angelica, hyssop, eucalyptus, and any kind of menthol essential oils should be burned above a candle with a little bit of water and inhaled as much as possible. Make sure the scent is not to strong but enough to make a difference. These oils will help kill bacteria in the passages and open them up again.


Taking a hot bath with menthol is always a wonderful remedy and helps relax the entire body.


One of our staff members swears by this! Consuming up to one whole pineapple a day works wonders on any kind of congestion. We have researched and researched and can come up with no explanation for this, but have found that many people do swear by it.

*Stay away from dairy as it will contribute to the problem


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