Make Organic Sheets Softer


By: YTLSF Blog

Organic sheets are great for the environment, a sustainable economy, and our health; but what about comfort? Should we eliminate complete comfort when trying to go green?

Here is the question:

I bought organic cotton sheets and ugh! They are rough and scratchy, not soft at all. Same thing for organic cotton napkins, like sandpaper against my lips! I am very disappointed. I bought knits and a terry robe in organic cotton and they are the softest. But woven cotton is so unbearably rough and itchy against the skin. Does anyone know why that is?

Also can you please tell me how to get it to soften up? I have heard about enzyme wash but I don't know what that is or how to do it at home. Google was no help!

Do you think if I buy digestive enzyme cellulose and put a few caps (how many??) in the wash it will 'eat up' the roughness, since cellulose digests fiber? Should I put any of my natural soap or just the cellulose?

PLEASE: Don't tell me fabric softener or dryer sheets, I have chemical allergies and can't use any of that commercial stuff and why I bought the organic cotton sheets in the 1st place, they were supposed to help me out. Thanks.
organic cotton sheets

Best Answer:

You've actually answered your own question. Woven cloth is not meant to provide "softness" compared to knits and terry "weaves". Linen weaves are meant to use minimal material, have less give and minimal stretch.

In terms of solving your dilemma, the easiest thing to do is to use the sheets and napkins more often (i.e. break them in). Through use, the threads will get "ratty" and provide a softer feel. Between washes, regular use will "wear" the rough surfaces to smooth them out. Will never get to knit and terry softness, but it helps greatly. look at what stone-washing did for jeans – which focuses more on wearing than unraveling, but has components of both.

You can also include some vinegar in the wash, vinegar will kill bacteria and is a natural softener!