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Bacterial Vaginitis

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Bacterial vaginitis is a vaginal infection, it is not an STD, but it can be caused by sexual intercourse. It can also be contracted by homosexuals through the exchange of vaginal fluids.

Some of the most common symptoms are odor, changes in the color of the vaginal discharge, itching, irritation in the vagina, pain while urinating, and sometimes light bleeding from the vagina. Some may experience a fishy odor and grayish white discharge, which is especially evident after sexual intercourse.

Some of the most common causes of bacterial vaginitis are:

-Repeated sexual intercourse in a short period of time which can lead to a rise in the pH level in the vagina thus creating the best environment for bacterial growth.

-Prolonged exposure to moisture caused by restrictive and/or non-absorbant synthetic clothing.

-Use of chemical, which should be avoided entirely.

-Some antibiotics can disrupt the balance inside the vagina especially in regards to bacteria.

Cranberry Juice

100% real cranberry juice should be consumed as much as possible.


General knowledge, but this should be mentioned. Wiping should always be done front to back to eliminate bacteria exposure from the rectal area.


Applying REAL yogurt to the vagina and consuming is a wonderful remedy. Yogurt from the store is not real, real yogurt can only be made at home.


Garlic is great with antibacterial needs and antifungal needs. Garlic can be added internally and/or externally.


Add externally or internally, this herd helps with inflammation.


Do NOT buy douches, make them yourself. Add 12 teaspoons of calendula to boiling water, steep the mixture, then cool before use.

Tea bags

Soak a tea bag in warm water, then cool, apply to the vagina for 5-10 minutes. Use organic teas, some companies use chemicals as a presoak to the tea leaves and these should be avoided.

Herbs & Essential Oils

Tea tree oil, black walnut extract, echinacea, and goldenseal are all great for bacterial vaginitis.

Other Tips

-Avoid tight clothing, allow the area as much air flow as possible

-Wear cotton undergarments

-Keep vaginal area as clean as possible, especially after sexual intercourse

-Use condoms during sexual intercourse

-Avoid scented tampons (try using all natural ones)

-Take warm baths

-Always wear well washed under garments

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