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Allergies are not caused by just pollen. The word 'Allergy' means an altered reaction after coming in contact, directly or indirectly, with an antigen. The body is diverse in many ways and is always changing. Each body reacts to different antigens, and some bodies do not react to any. One thing to note, the body is always changing and allergic reactions to certain antigens can begin to happen with age.  

Allergic reactions can be caused by foods, vaccines, plants, animals, etc.

Common Food Allergies

Shell fish, chocolate (aw), tomatoes, strawberries, peanuts, dairy, wheat, citrus fruits, and alcohol


An effective remedy for most types of allergies, except citrus.  A half of a lime squeezed and combined with luke warm water and consumed twice a day for several months.  This remedy flushes the system of toxins, acts as an anti-allergic agent, and an anti-toxic agent.  


1-3 bananas a day are useful for those who are allergic to foods that cause skin rashes, digestive disorders, or asthma (closing of the throat canal).  Some people who are extremely sensitive must be careful with bananas eaten 2-3 times a day and should gradually move their diet in this direction.  Using the lime method, above, is a good aide.


In researching we have found that vegetables, their juices especially, are amazing at cleansing the intestinal tract.  By cleansing the intestinal tract research shows that some people have noticed their allergies are subsiding or have completely disappearing.  We have also found that vegetarians, and their children, have little to no allergies.


Remember, our bodies need cleansing and the more we do it the more our body will thank us!

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