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Unless you are in bubble wrap your entire life, you will get bruises. The average American gets two bruises a week, most people do not notice them. However, some people get horrible bruises and as we age the bruises will increase and the thickness of our skin decreases. When we bump our skin blood gets collected in and around the area thus causing a bruise.

A bruise can be tender, reddish or bluish in color, and painful. At first the color will be dark and as it heals it will turn yellow or green. Usually there is no threat of infection since the skin has not been broken.


Causes of Bruising

  • Minor skin injuries
  • Extreme strain or vigorous exercise, caused by microscopical tears in blood vessels underneath the skin.
  • Bumps, sometimes unnoticed, cause bruising.


Useful Home Remedies

  • Use an ice pack
  • Add an extra dose of vitamin C to your diet
  • Make sure you are not taking to much aspirin, bruising is more apparent and can take longer to heal. Of course we are against Aspirin and believe no one should take it, but we do not judge!
  • Apply a raw egg to the bruise
  • Apply white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with a cotton swab to the area, this speeds up the healing process.
  • Eat more garlic, especially good for those patients who tend to bruise easily.


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