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Awesome DIY Clothesline Design

Awesome-DIY-Clothesline DesignI was rummaging around my e-mail when I came across this simple and yet effective design. It was ironic because at the moment my partner and I are transitioning to drying our clothes on a line. I bought a $23 clothes line for our tiny patio, but if we lived where we had a yard to ourselves I would totally build this! 

This will help you save money, preserve our planet, and will protect your clothes from harmful heat!


16 Health Improvement Tips

improve-healthFor the next five minutes forget every excuse that has ever floated into your head. There are so many ways to better your life, simplify your life, and increase the years you have on this Earth. This list is not complete (are they ever), but it is a starting point. I suggest picking a few and incorporating them into your daily routine, I’m sure you already do some of them already!


Youth Group Sues The Federal Government For Neglecting The Environment

Kids-Vs-Global-Warming-March-e1336760957523According to a group of American youths, the US government is failing to uphold the preamble to the constitution —specifically, the government has failed “promote the general Welfare” of the people by “failing to protect the atmosphere.” And, despite being too young to vote, the group—a non-profit called Kids vs. Global Warming— is trying to sue the US government in a case which is to go before the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C.


6 Farmer’s Market Tips

IMG 8280Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the world waking up. It’s the sound of springtime, and boy howdy friends, does it sound fantastic.

Spring is all about curbside daffodils, warm and friendly drizzling rain on the concrete, birdsong and baby squirrels, opening windows and airing out the winter musties. Spring is such a hopeful time of year!